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About us

Helena och Daphne

Her bag was black. But so were all the others. It all started when art director Helena From tried to spot her bag on the baggage claim, but couldn’t.

Obviously not ideal. She realized she wanted to make her bag more personal and recognizable – and soon the now famous luggage tag Addatag was created. It not only kept personal information safe – it made it very clear to you which bag was yours.

“Many travelers try hard to make their luggage recognizable, so I wanted to create an accessible product that felt personal and stylish yet colorful and bold, easy to spot. The luggage tag Addatag was born in 2008 and has since then styled bags all over the world”.

Flash-forward to 2017. Her daughter Daphne From joins the team and the travel essential business also turns into a mother-daughter business. A long-time dream for both of them.

“We share a passion for design with attention to details, traveling and female entrepreneurship, so working together was a no-brainer”.

The philosophy behind it all? Well, it turns out its quite simple, yet powerful. 

”We believe that by changing our surroundings, we expand our perspectives and open our minds. For us, traveling is a way to constantly grow, stay curious, interested and committed. We want our products to inspire people to go places”.