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About us

It all started with the luggage tag Addatag ®.
 Art director and entrepreneur Helena From came up with the product idea during one of her many trips when 
she tried to spot her black suitcase on the luggage carousel among all the other black bags.

“Many travelers try hard to make their luggage recognizable, so I wanted to create an accessible product that felt personal and stylish yet colorful and bold,
 easy to spot. The luggage tag Addatag was born in 2008 and has since then styled bags all over the world”.

During the end of 2016, Helena partnered up with her daughter Daphne, with the mission to develop and expand the brand and the products, something they had been dreaming of doing together for a long time.

“We share a passion for design with attention to details, traveling and female entrepreneurship, so working together was a no-brainer”.

”We also believe that simply by changing our surroundings we expand our perspectives and open our mind. We want our products to inspire people to go places”.